Our Story


We’re so glad you’re here & we’re happy to share our story. Some years ago, while dealing with polycystic ovaries and irregular cycles and hoping for a baby, we learned that some common chemicals in cosmetics can play havoc with hormones. That's how we got into green beauty; we did a clean sweep to our beauty cabinet and swapped to less toxic beauty products. 

As you can probably guess from the photo, our hopes for a baby (or two) did come true. Did swapping to green beauty play any part in it? We are not doctors and do not know - fertility is a complex matter and the last thing we want to do is give anyone false hope. But what we do know is that skin is our largest organ and it makes sense to think about what goes into our skin and body. 

Our Mission

We want to be your trusted destination for green beauty and provide cosmetics for all genders, skin and hair types. Each product on our site has been carefully vetted and holds to our high standards. When you purchase from Beo & Bella, rest assured we’ve already read the small print for you. 

We hope you join us on the green beauty journey!

Love & light,


Founders of Beo & Bella