Beard Bib - Beard Bib - Beo and Bella
Beard Bib - Beard Bib - Beo and Bella

Beard Bib

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Feel the power of MANETM in the solid grip of your hand with this waterproof versatile beard bib.


  • Save time shaving and trimming
  • Easily dispose of hair in seconds, with no more hair trimmings on your vanities and floors
  • Cut out the mess
  • No clogged drains

One Size Fits All (47×29 in.)

Affix neck straps and suction to mirror. Start with your normal grooming routine. If you need to stop in middle, attach the neck-straps to the hooks on the suction cups, and simply un-attach when resume to resume. Shake gently into the trash bin when finished. 

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